The EarlyFive: Deals making headlines

We’ve seen exciting activity on our deals over the last week and want to make sure you’re in the loop.

  • The webinar for the Downtown Las Vegas offering was a rousing success with great attendance. (Missed it? Watch the archived webcast on the offering page.) This short-term opportunity is moving quickly toward its $993,000 goal, so don’t miss your chance to invest.
  • The REVA Raleigh Colonnade deal is making headlines as North Carolina’s largest-ever commercial real estate crowdfunding offering! It’s also receiving loads of investor interest. For details on the latest investment commitments, request access to the updates tab.
  • There are new updates on the Carpathian Capital Fund deal, as well. Request access to view new documents with second quarter performance info.
  • The Grubb Southeast Real Estate fund is open for investments! It’s an 8.0% preferred return opportunity in a portfolio of U.S. properties. Stay tuned for the full launch details next week.

businessinsiderJuly 24, 2015
The incredible real-estate portfolio of Google billionaire Eric Schmidt
Madeline Stone, Business Insider
Google’s chairman, who has estimated net worth of $10.2 billion, isn’t the type to keep his wealth hidden. In addition to owning a $72 million yacht, Schmidt has amassed an amazing collection of properties from California to NYC. Enjoy the pictures (and try not to turn green with envy).  

NREIonlineJuly 21, 2015
A Millennial’s Perspective on Commercial Real Estate
Nicole Weinberger, NREI
We’re in thorough agreement with this article’s argument that Millennials’ addiction to technology and demand for easier access, time-saving solutions, and greater information will guide the future of CRE. In fact, it’s the reason we’re building the first open marketplace for commercial real estate transactions on!

commer-obserJuly 23, 2015
Why Street Stores Still Matter in the Age of Online Shopping
Liam La Guerre, Commercial Observer
We’re asked often why our international investors have such a strong interest in retail real estate, and this piece partly explains why. (If you’re interested in those kinds of investments yourself, check out the Downtown Las Vegas retail-redevelopment opportunity on our platform.)

realty-todayJuly 17, 2015
Blackstone Expert Says Commercial Real Estate Boom is Still On
Realty Today
Amid rumblings that the CRE investment boom has hit its peak, Jonathan Gray – global head of real estate at Blackstone – posits that it’s still on its way up. Even better, he contends that the conditions of the current boom make this a very different kind of market than the one that preceded the financial crisis.

ent-twitterJuly 21, 2015
The 7 Tips Entrepreneurs Need to Know Before Investing in Real Estate
Steven Kaufman, Entrepreneur
It’s crucial for entrepreneurs – especially serial ones – to plan far ahead for their financial futures, given that their businesses’ stability is never a given. Real estate investing can be a smart avenue for them to accumulate wealth away from the ups and downs of the stock market.

The EarlyFive: Access our investments for as little as $5,000

There’s no sign of a summer slowdown at EarlyShares! Before sharing our five favorite articles around the web with you, we’re excited to announce our latest deal news:

  • The Downtown Las Vegas Retail offering from Metroplex Group is officially open for investments! The deal is your opportunity to invest in the same community where Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh is personally committing around $350 million. It’s also EarlyShares first $5,000 minimum investment opportunity – giving a wide array of investors access to this exciting offering at a low entry level.
  • SE Real Estate Fund V from Grubb Properties is also live. The deal is an 8.0% preferred return equity investment in a portfolio of properties in the U.S. Southeast. Grubb has already raised half of its $20 million goal for the fund!
  • Lastly, new in preview mode is the Racquet Club Mezzanine Loan from Pillar, an affiliate of Guggenheim (one of the most respected names in private finance). The offering is for 9.00% interest in a California apartment community.

linkedinJuly 16, 2015
Silicon Valley is Coming: Top 100 US Real Estate Crowdfunding Sites
David Drake via LinkedIn
In this insightful post, David Drake – Chairman of The Soho Loft – namechecks EarlyShares as a top crowdfunding platform and highlights how “real estate tech startups… are shaping the future of online investing.”

tech-coJuly 14, 2015
ClassWallet Digital Payment Platform for Schools Raises $1.9M
Kristin Pryor,
Congratulations are in order for Miami-based ClassWallet and its CEO Jamie Rosenberg! ClassWallet, a digital banking system for schools and teachers, hosted a portion of its capital raise on EarlyShares. It was our pleasure to work with the ClassWallet team and we can’t wait to see what they do next.

yecJuly 15, 2015
10 Ways to Attract Customers During Slower Months
Young Entrepreneurs Council (YEC)
How can online businesses attract new users at a time of year when hardly anyone is sitting at the computer? Read this article, featuring advice from our Co-Founder and CSO Heather Schwarz-Lopes, for tips on reaching new customers this summer.

heraldJuly 12, 2015
Jay Massirman on real estate, crowdfunding and savvy development strategies
Nicholas Nehamas, The Miami Herald
Miami real estate pro Jay Massirman, who worked with EarlyShares to raise $2.7M for Beacon Hill Apartments, is a big believer in technology’s ability to enhance real estate. We’re pleased that he gave his crowdfunding experience with us a ringing endorsement in this piece for the Herald!

acct-todayJuly 16, 2015
Why Real Estate Investment Is Your Best Tax Shelter
Roger Russell, Accounting Today
In some cases, the tax benefits of long-term real estate investing can be even greater than the cash flow. The author of this piece is focused on “cost segregation” in property investments, but investors interested in tax-deferred investing should take note of our 1031-eligible offering for the REVA Raleigh Colonnade.

EarlyShares at LendIt 2015: Real estate crowdfunding “creates entrepreneurs”

The world of lending has experienced exponential changes over the last 15 years as the financial industry embraced new technology. Commercial real estate finance has been the slowest sector to adopt online lending, but it’s starting to come around. How is tech innovation impacting the real estate landscape for lenders, borrowers, and brokers?

A panel at LendIt 2015, the largest annual conference about online lending, sought to find out. EarlyShares Co-Founder & CEO Joanna Schwartz served as moderator of the session, which also featured insights from Bill Fisher, Founder & CEO of Plum Lending; Adam Hooper, CEO of RealCrowd; William Skelley, Founder, Chairman & CEO of iFunding; Dan Vetter, President & Co-Founder of Money360; and Rodrigo Nino, CEO & Founder of Prodigy Network.

During the panel, which you can watch in full below, Joanna explained her passion for commercial real estate crowdfunding as being a way to “create entrepreneurs” of real estate investors. For more on the value real estate crowdfunding for investors, check out the How it Works section of

Commercial Real Estate

The EarlyFive: Colony Hills funds a $12M deal in full

We’re excited to lead off this week’s EarlyFive with two big announcements:
  • Due to significant demand from EarlyShares’ investor base, Colony Hills Capital has fully funded its $12 million capital raise for the Mobile, AL Mutifamily Portfolio! If you liked the offering but didn’t get to invest, stay tuned – we have similar deals going live in the near future.
  • A unique new offering from Metroplex Realty is live in Preview Mode. Get acquainted with this equity investment opportunity in the acquisition of a retail center in the exciting Downtown Las Vegas Arts District.

Take a look at all of our live and funded deals at, then enjoy our latest roundup of our favorite stories around the web (below).

iMoveJuly 8, 2015
115 Years of American Homes
We’re obsessed with this interactive feature showcasing the trends and most iconic designs in U.S. residential real estate since 1900. From the stately Colonial Revival homes of the early 20th century to the McMansions of the 1990s, American homes have changed a lot over the last century-plus – check it out!

AJ6UKgwRJuly 9, 2015
U.S. Big Magnet For Global Commercial Real Estate Money
Marilyn Alva, Investor’s Business Daily
Worldwide, investors are going big on U.S. commercial real estate. Global transactions in the U.S. jumped 30% in the second quarter – leading all other regions – according to a new report. The findings definitely reflect the interest we’ve seen from international investors in EarlyShares’ deals.

NREIonlineJuly 8, 2015
Institutional Real Estate Investors Adapt Strategies to Maturing Market
Beth Mattson-Tieg, NREI
New data shows that today’s real estate investors have a growing appetite for risk. Additionally, more institutional investors are moving out from core and core-plus strategies to focus on value-add and opportunistic investments.

moneyJuly 9, 2015
Real Estate In This NYC Neighborhood Is Worth More Than All of New Hampshire’s
Ian Salisbury, Time-Money
NYC’s 305 square miles – totaling less than one one-thousandth of our nation’s landmass – are valued at $1.5 trillion. (That’s 5% of the $33 trillion value of the real estate of the entire U.S!) As you mull over that factoid and others from this Timearticle, take a look our off-market Manhattan rehab deal from Magnus Capital.

b2cJuly 4, 2015
9 Things You Should Never Say at a Networking Event
Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC), Business 2 Community
Are you making the right impression when networking? Get advice our Co-Founder & CSO Heather Schwarz-Lopes and other YEC members on what not to say at your next event.

The EarlyFive: Take a sneak peek at an NYC deal

Welcome to the first official week of summer! We hope you’re taking advantage of the seasonal downtime to access new avenues for diversifying your portfolio.

Today, we’re debuting a new deal in ‘Preview Mode’: The East 3rd Street offering from Magnus Capital Partners. Take a look at this exciting purchase opportunity – an off-market acquisition and rehab of two multifamily buildings in Manhattan – and click ‘Request Access’ to be notified as soon as the deal is open for investment. Then, come back to enjoy our latest roundup of our favorite content around the web in the EarlyFive (below).

PDJune 24, 2015
What are the top 10 issues affecting real estate in the coming year?
Michelle Jarboe McFee, The Plain
According to the latest annual top ten list from The Counselors of Real Estate, the choices of two generations – Baby Boomers and Millennials – will largely shape decisions in the real estate business during the coming year.

thinkadvisorJune 24, 2015
Global Wealthy Want More Real Estate
Michael S. Fischer, ThinkAdvisor
A new Savills/Wealth Briefing survey of private bankers and wealth managers found that 91% of global high-net-worth investors are looking to maintain or increase their real estate holdings. We’d say investing like the wealthy is a smart strategy!

cnbc-twitterJune 23, 2015
City with fastest growing rent not where you’d think
Associated Press via
Rental prices are climbing across much of the United States, but the biggest gains aren’t coming from New York or San Francisco. Some of the strongest double-digit growth, according to Zillow data, is found in cities like Jackson, Mississippi and Portland, Maine.

tftJune 23, 2015
Foreign Buyers Set Record for U.S. Real Estate Buys
Robert Frank, The Fiscal Times
Foreign investments in American real estate have reached critical mass: Sales of U.S. residential real estate to overseas buyers between April 2014 and March 2015 reached a record $104 billion – about 8 percent of total existing home sales. We’re proud to be on the front lines of this game-changing trend.

bisnowJune 25, 2015
Get Ready for the Dezervator
Dees Stribling, Bisnow
It’s the kind of stuff we thought we’d only see on The Jetsons: A new luxury development in Miami boasts a futuristic “automobile elevator.” The contraption will transport residents (while still inside their vehicles!) through the building via a glass-enclosed elevator, then slide them into “sky garages” adjacent to each unit.

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